What a week I had last week! The workshop, my birthday, dad’s birthday, and a bunch of other things that kept me away from my computer. All great fun though! Today, I finally got the time to sit down and go through the photos we shot during the live sessions. I hope you really learned something from watching me shoot, or at least understand why I do things the way I do it.

So, as promised, I’m sharing some of the photos we took during the workshop with you. I think it is most helpful for you to see both the original file and the edited version, and therefore I am sharing the photos in a before/after format with you. Slide right to see the edit, slide left to see the original file. As you can see, my edit sometimes involves just a simple preset, changing hardly anything from the original file. At other times I soften the skin, I take out distracting elements, and I alter the colors. All of that is personal taste, but I just wanted to give you some insight in the process by showing you the final results.

Also, I got some questions about my presentation, and I know at least some of you wanted to see it again. And I am honored by that, so thank you. It was the first time that people cried about a slideshow I showed, without being in the photos themselves! I take that as a huge compliment; those are the things that keep me going. Sign up for the newsletter below to get a private link to slideshow!

On another note: Lotty wants to say thank you to all of you as well, for being so kind, and so positive about all the deliciousness she made. Therefore, you will find Lotty’s special brownie recipe in one of the upcoming newsletters, because didn’t we all just love those!? You can tag Lotty on Instagram when you share photos of her!

Again, thank you for your presence, for your patience, and for the beautiful words some of you have already shared through the reviews. I appreciate it! If you have any questions, let me know!