Dear Keri & Jean, dear guests, friends, 

The weekend we spent at the Meulvei farm was so, so special. It doesn't happen so often that we feel so welcome and part of a family. It was most definitely a celebration of life and love. Thank you all for letting us be part of the good vibes. We loved how you guys built this whole wedding from scratch, and the way it turned out was phenomenal. The tents, the little games, the milkwoods, the full moon; it almost felt like a farm festival vibe. And I think that was the point. You guys are absolute legends.  Thomas and I are looking back on a great wedding day filled with joy and warmth. Here's a little preview of what we captured that day (we are saving some goodness for in the slideshow that will come soon, including a lot more photos of your beloved guests)! 

Best wishes to all of you. 

Martijn and Thomas
The Roos Brothers