Dear Katie & Steve, guests, friends, 

About two weeks ago, I took a plane to Dublin, Ireland for the first time in my life. 'Beers and banter' was all I knew about the Irish. I didn't know much else about the place, nor about it's people. And then there was the King - Farrell wedding. Now, almost two weeks later, I am still recovering from an overload of kindness, hospitality, and lots of laughs. I have done my best to capture everything as well as I could, but I could never have done it if it weren't for all of you who radiated positive vibes and energy. I felt so welcome and I am grateful for that. Katie and Steve, you guys are absolute legends. It was amazing to get to know you two better throughout the weekend. To the rest of the people, the bridal party, the parents; you have given these two what they deserved. A good party, a good time, but above all lots of love. 

You have been the new definition of the word 'class'. Absolute class, lads! 

Thank you!