Do you want to push yourself? Do you feel like you need a new boost in your photography? Do you struggle with certain aspects of photography?
Over the past few years, I've learned that growing and developing your talents mainly happens in close contact with other creatives. I figured that I felt much more motivated after some good constructive feedback. They say, 'good job' are the two most harmful words in the English language. You want to learn, to improve, to know what you can do better next time. I need this all the time, I am happy to call the people who give me critique my friends. 

I am offering one-on-one mentoring sessions that focus on personal growth and help you with the difficulties you experience. 
Before going into the session, I will ask you to answer a couple of questions and send me some more information about what you want to learn specifically. 
We all go through the same things, and I feel it's better to help each other dealing with it. 

Better together.

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