Having your photos printed is probably the best thing you can do with them. It is much easier to value something when it's tangible. It's right there, physically present. For me, an album is also a gift; the end result of what I've been doing with my camera. I want to give that to you, for now and for the future. I want you to keep the album safe, take care of it, and cherish the memories it holds. I want you to look at it and feel what you felt when we were shooting. I want that the album reminds you how much you love each other, still. Always.

Where most photographers are using thick, Lay Flat paper albums, I made the choice to do something else. I decided to print one photo per page, on matte Fine Art paper. Every album includes at least 100 photos, and you pick the photos yourself! By printing all the photos in one size, the story line becomes much stronger. No weird designs, just simple and straightforward. Browsing through the book will take you back to beautiful memories.